ESCO Pharmacy - About Us

About Us:

1-2-3 Esco Lab is a multi-specialty scheduling platform that is currently partnered with Esco Laboratories, a division of Esco Drug Co Inc. We provide convenient scheduling, services information, and payment reconciliation to put your mind at ease. Whether your concerns or pharmaceutical, laboratory and testing related, or how to improve user interaction within compliance to regulatory bodies, we will help you find the most elegant solution. Complex problems are best solved simply. 1-2-3, as simple as can be! 

1-2-3 Esco Lab was founded in the midst of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic with the mission to streamline workflow and communication between COVID-19 sample collecting pharmacies, sample testing laboratories, and enhance organization via reporting to regulatory entities with the dream of getting our community back to normal and up and running. We aim to provide accessibility to infectious disease tests and vaccines in our communities of New York City and New York State, and the adjacent area, while making the experience as simple and straightforward as possible. Watch us as we continue to grow, and offer more solutions to your scheduling, organizational, and healthcare-related technological needs! 


Meet the Team:

Dr. Danny Dang, President and CEO

Dr. Tuan Le, Vice President 

Christine de la Cerna, MSc., COO

Baggio Dorval, CFO

Kevin Trinh, CTO